The Dixie Diffference

Although we specialize in turn-key installations, on every sale, we offer the following options:

  • Dixie Reproductions can arrange the entire press move, including freight, rigging and installation service.
  • Dixie can provide assistance to your company in handling any segment of the press move, such as freight rigging, and installation.  A special agreement would be provided for this service.
  • You may purchase the press “AS IS, WHERE IS”.  Your company will arrange and handle the entire move, and Dixie’s obligation would end prior to removal from the seller’s site.

To help you with your acquisition, Dixie can provide you with the following services:

  • Accompany you on the press demonstration and inspection.
  • When you accept the press register sheets, Dixie will keep several production samples from    the test demonstration to enable us to match the final production set-up on your floor.  We make several breakaway runs to check the cylinder surfaces for damage or low areas.
  • We inspect grippers, water and ink rollers, in-feed mechanism, delivery chains and chain sprockets, receding stacker lowering mechanism, and other general press functions listed on our inspection report.
  • We can do this same inspection on your behalf.  You will be supplied with a video of this inspection, along with press samples and a copy of our inspection report.

Arrange for freight, rigging, and installation.

  • We will arrange for riggers to load the press, and we will coordinate their schedules with the truckers and the mechanic.
  • We will arrange trucking for the press, providing the carrier with dimensions and weight specifications.
  • We certify insurance coverage on the accepted carrier, riggers, and mechanic.
  • We will arrange for the dismantling of the press units, including marking all wires.
  • We will arrange to have the press properly prepared for international or domestic shipment.
  • The mechanic will meet the press at your dock and thoroughly check the load for external damage or shifted load.

If there is press running time between the date of the original press inspection and the press removal date, the following procedure is followed prior to removal:

  • The mechanic will re-check the registration of the press.  The plates from this final run can be left on the press for your acceptance.
  • The mechanic will re-check the cylinder breakaways to insure that no damage has been done to the press during the waiting and delivery period.
  • The mechanic will re-check the electrical sequence and console to make certain no change has taken place in the circuitry.

When dismantling the press, the mechanic will note parts which show excessive wear and recommend replacement.  This list will be provided to you by email.  The decision for parts replacement is up to the purchaser, as these parts and labor will be charged in addition to the installation.
If new damage is found during the mechanic’s final inspection, the following options will apply:

  • The owner has the option to repair the damage, bringing the press to the same condition found during the press inspection.
  • If the damage is severe, such as cylinder or gear damage, the press order may be cancelled, and the purchaser’s deposit will be immediately refunded by the owner.

Press electrical requirements will be supplied to you.  If the press requires a voltage increase or decrease, we will assist in locating a transformer.
If the press needs ink or water rollers replaced entirely or individually, we can provide the rollers at our cost, plus shipping.  This discount can be utilized for a 60-day period from delivery date of your press.
We can have the press cleaned and painted.  We can make repairs to your press before it is shipped at your request.  Please ask for quotations for these additional services.
We can provide concentrated press training in addition to the basic press installation instructions.  Charges for this training vary; therefore, the arrangements must be made individually upon request.
We will list any of your present sheetfed offset press equipment in our “Dixie Flyer” and on our website,, at no charge.  Press pricing details must be agreed to in advance in writing by both parties.
Dixie Reproductions makes a concentrated effort to protect your investment during the acquisition, move and installation of your equipment.