2004 Shinohara 75VPH5+L Ref#: 5K0803

2004 Shinohara 75VPH5+L  Ref#:  5K0803
  • 5 Color               
  • 23×29                                           
  • 47 Million Impressions

Shinohara Delta Dampening, Shinohara Deluxe Console, Powder Spray, IR Dryer, Extended Delivery, High Pile Delivery, Refrigeration & Recirculation, Auto Presets, Auto Plate, Plate Cocking, Aqueous Coating, Sheet Decurler, Roller Wash, Blanket Wash, Impression Cylinder Wash, Continuous Feed & Delivery, CIP 3, Perfecting 2/3 with Auto Perfecting Changeover


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