2005 Ryobi 755XLP Ref#: 5B0109

2005 Ryobi 755XLP  Ref#:  5B0109
  • 5 Color               
  • 23×31                                           
  • 88 Million Impressions

SAPC, Auto Blanket and Roller Wash, Ryobi Retractible Coating System, Harris & Bruno Automatic Chambered Anilox Roll Coater,  Ryobi PDS-E Closed Loop Color, Ryobi Ink Volume Setter CIP3 Software Interface, Ryobimatic Delta Dampening System Pamarco Ink Sentinel Ink Management System, Eltosch Hot Air & IR Dryer, Graphix Powder Spray, Royce R&R, 15,000 SPH


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