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IRODORI – Coloring the World Together

Printed materials bring a vibrant, colorful world into people's lives. These capabilities can also capture the contrasting densities of wabi-sabi found in Japanese art. A world where people are prosperous, relaxed and invigorated with enjoyment, fun and happiness is expressed as "IRODORI (color)" and contributes to the creation of a colorful society. RMGT will apply its extensive expressive capabilities to contribute to the creation of a prosperous and colorful (IRODORI) society. RMGT aims to become a company that grows in tandem by harnessing the collective technical and creative capabilities of both companies.

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Dixie Reproductions specializes in selling new printing equipment and buying and selling used printing equipment. We also provide some services including turn-key installations, plant moves, printing equipment storage, printing equipment cleaning, and printing equipment inspection.

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