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Printing Equipment Dry Ice Cleaning and Painting Services

If you printing equipment is starting to look bad and needs a freshening up, let Dixie Reproductions clean and paint your printing equipment. Dixie offers dry ice, hand cleaning, and factory epoxy paint and powder coating services to bring your machine back to looking New again. Dry ice cleaning is an ideal solution for cleaning all types of printing presses cleaning with dry ice can remove ink, grease, paper lint, and other built-up coatings and can affect registration. Due to dry ice’s non-abrasive nature, even extremely fine plates used in the gravure process can be cleaned. These services can be done onsite at your facility or at our factory. Whether you’re selling your printing equipment or just want to revive your old printing equipment, Dixie can help you out by cleaning and painting your printing equipment.

Contact Dixie Reproductions by calling Toll-Free 1-800-627-0635, Local 615-382-6311, or Filling Out Our Sell Your Equipment Form or Contact Form.

Dixie Reproductions specializes in selling new printing equipment and buying and selling used printing equipment. We also provide some services including turn-key installations, plant moves, printing equipment storage, printing equipment cleaning, and printing equipment inspection.

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